making mountains - falloff types

hi forum,

im new to blender and followed the mountain tut.
the prblem is that even if i select a vertice and press o and then select a falloff type the neighbour vertices are not activated at all…

so plz help me out,

It won’t select other vertices but will move them when you grab/move the vertices you have selected (G-key). Use the scroll wheel or the pageup pagedown keys to control the size of the influence area (shows as a circle - but only when you have a selection “grabbed”).

oh - strange could swear i did exactly the same way - now it works

allow me more questions please:
how can i add a vert. int a edge?
and it often happens the way that i move my 3d cursor so that its no moere in the middle of my object - is there a way to align an object and my 3d cursor?

thanx a bunch!

subdivide/loopcut to get extra verts.
Shift+S for cursor tools.

thanx very helpful!

by curser tool u mean for example select all verts all verts and then ctr+s (curser to selection)

hi once again!

ive anozher question:

i selectet some verts and then separated them with P. so i have a new object.
select all vertices of the new obj. and then E --> extrude. but there is no connection between the two layers now…

if i try this on a cube it works…