Making Music

So I’ve been on a bit of a guitar modeling kick lately, and got this idea this afternoon. I’m pretty happy with, it’s got a cool artsy feel going on. Anyway, I would like to hear any comments or critiques you may have.

High Res:


Amazing work! it’s unique and looks really good.Also the materials look really nice. is this rendered with blender internal render?. Maybe post an image where we can see the whole guitar? the shot you have is good, it would just be nice to see the whole guitar. This is one of my favorite images posted these past days.great job!

Excellent work. Very original.

Interesting concept. I like it.

  • Floyd

Very cool, I think it would have more impact if it looked more realistic. The music notes and symbols really take away from the sculpture of the rest of the guitar IMO! Great work though!

Very cool design. I agree with tmcintosh. It’s hard to imagine playing such a guitar with all the musical notation in the way, thus making it less convincing. I can see this piece as good on stage as it would an art gallery. Perhaps a more involved composition for this model would be it resting in a stand on stage after a concert, with defocused sound equipment strewn in the background. Just an idea. Good job though!

Thanks for the comments, I can see where you are coming from with the musical notes, however, this wasn’t necessarily supposed to be realistic and believable (as a guitar constructed in this fashion would most likely sound awful), more artistic and suggestive, which is why I like the notes there. 5 points to the first person to figure out the song :stuck_out_tongue:

really interesting guitar concept! nice modeling and materials.
for me the problem with the notes is that they are not distinct enough from the rest of the render, so they just become visual noise. i’m guessing no one will figure out the song, because its difficult to even distinguish the notes past the first 3, so unless you can “name that tune” in 3 notes…
but anyways, very nice work!

The start of Beethoven’s fifth symphony?

Bingo, 5 points to Cinder :smiley: