Making my animation 2 times longer?

Hi everyone,

I cant find a topic fitting my needs.

The speed of my animation is good when I play it in blender but once it is rendered it goes too fast… I wish to make it slower (by 2) but I can’t find an “easy way”

I increased the number of frames in the timeline but I can’t selecte all the keyframes scale them grab them et… I have to do a lot of separate rescaling (pose mode, grease pencil in dope sheet…)
Does anybody have an idea for me?



Use the NLA editor - there is a setting under the strip, to change the replay speed.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I found the settings but it has to be done one action at a time.

Or maybe I am missing something?

You could also do it this way:

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Yes, you would need to do that. I had to do something similar, but that was for one character, that had multiple actions. I assembled them in the NLA as is, re-baked them using Bake Action, then rescaled that one. Of course, if you have 100’s of separate objects, that might not work out. If you know how to use Animation Nodes add on, you could assemble multiple objects into a single one and bake it to an Alembic file, then re-scale that.


I wanted to try your solution but I can’t manage to install Animation Nodes Addon

I downloaded it from github and tried to install (I know how to install an addon) but it never popped up in the list

When I download it from the official website it pops up but says I need to uninstall the others, But I have only one. I also cant find one in the script/addon directory!

Any idea?