Making my first model... in over my head

im starting to get used to making simple things but i want to make this

i have pretty much no clue on how to tackle this (with fur and eyes that move and dilate)
how would i go about doing this? (in blender 2.5)

Never give up! Do it! It won’t hurt!

do i do the extrude and scale method on this? also wouldnt mirror modeling work well with the doll?

Edit: so i set a mirror thing on it after knifing half the cube off… here is what im at
so would i just subdivide the heck out of, then extrude?

go to basics modeling tutorial if you’re new to modeling and that should get where you want :slight_smile:
cute toy by the way :slight_smile:

its going to be the horror character so its gonna look scarier than it already does