Making my first playable small game.

Since I’ve never made a playable game/demo available in the forum I wanted to create a very simple and small game-demo like 3d side scroller-game.

I wanted the community to give me an element,name,word or topic which I should add in this mini-playable game,this is to push my imagination to something which is completely different from what I will usually create.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t totally understand what you are asking, but I think an idea could be masses of barn animals each with their own ability trying to escape the slaughter house. hope this helps.

Thanks for your post,sorry English is not my first language.

What I was asking are some words or a topic which I could put together and use to plan and make a small 3d sidescoller-game :slight_smile:

I hope you like the idea I gave and thanks for clarifying.

Yeah I like your idea , I will just get some more words from others to add it with yours and start plan the game :slight_smile:

Salvador Dalí
C(ute)thulu & Yog(hurt)-Sothoth :3

C.A.ligari- Thanks ,that’s some really unpredictable great choice of words :smiley:


Thanks you Michelle Sea :slight_smile:

tho un altro italiano Game Jam theme generator (not made by me)

Have fun! :slight_smile:


BluePrintRandom-cubedparadox-SoldRuga: Thank you for the words guys.

Now with that many words I’m able to stat working on the game :),I’ve already merged the words together and started working on level design and the main character.
I will be posting the project in the work in progress category when I’ve got enough work to show.