making my house blender or sketch up

What would be easier for the layout of my place? Would the furnature and everything inside be easier with blender?

hi, I remember responding to your other post about 3D Architecture, modelling in blender and 2D CAD etc.

I think you perhaps need to test both out and decide for yourself, in the long run Blender is going to deliver more for you than SU, not only in the modelling and texturing tools but access to more render engines, animation abilities etc, it’s going to take effort. It depends where you’re starting from whether blender or SU feels easier.

Personally I stay away from SU and do it with Blender instead. I find SU limiting in flexibility and features but it redeams itself in the more ‘intuitive’ tools, measurement, snapping, import etc but blenders are improving frequently.

Set yourself the target of modelling your house in both apps and see how far you get, either way you’ll probably end up downloading your furniture models, in many ways it’s the least important aspect of the whole process that I think you are grappling with, there are loads of free furniture models, create your own textures and materials for them maybe. :slight_smile:

jpedersm, if you want to give Blender a try i would recommend you the CADtools script for modeling of architectural stuff in 2d and 3d. Supports Blender 2.49 only.