Making My Own Bump and Spec Maps

Hi Guys and Happy Holidays! I’ve been using spec and bump maps that I’ve either bought off the internet or gotten with a tutorial. And they all look great but I’d like to start making my own. So can anybody put me on to some GOOD tutorials that explain how to create them in Photoshop or Gimp, with the proper settings and all? I’ve got the nVidia addon for normalmaps in Photoshop, but haven’t used it yet.

That normalmap plug in is also available for GIMP. I use it all the time. The important thing to remember is that you first duplicate your layer, then desaturate before using the filters -> map -> normalmap plugin.

This link is to a four part tutorial that covers everything that you are asking about and then some.

Hi MiD-AwE: I’ve been playing around with trying to duplicate results of texture packs I bought, and trying to figure out if I needed a normal-map to create the spec and bump maps. After Googeling for tuts on the subject, I just got confused. When trying to duplicate the results, I found that the spec and bump were identical to look at and I had to reverse the slider on the levels function to get the same thing. This was on a hull-plating texture I bought and worked very well on a model I made.The rivets were all white and the plate was dark. But most of the tuts I found just said to de-saturate and save the file as a bump which is just the reverse effect. I’m downloading the 4-part now. Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it.

You are welcome. The four part tutorial was very help ful to me as well. :yes: