Making my plane fly in the right direction

Hi all im making a flight simulator and could someone please tell me how to make the plane fly forwards all the time, say i press left on the keyboard i want the plane to turn left. or if i press down i want the plain to go up if you get what i mean, also how would i simulate the power of the engine and stalling and stuff thanks

If you set your motion actuator to local, the L at the end of the line, on the y plane and use your force or linear velocity on it, it will appear to always go forward, assuming of course you started building it by adding the object from the 7 view. Set the left/right arrow keys for rotation and negative rotation on the z plane, also local. You’ll probably want to give it at least a slight amount of gravity and give an upward force to keep the plane aloft. If you have to ask a question like this, you should start out moving a cube around and playing around with the motion actuator before making a flight simulator, along with a quick test of all the sensors and actuators. There’s a reference here:
You don’t need to know everything, but you should have a pretty good understanding of near sensor, ray sensor, always sensor, property sensor, motion actuator, edit object act, camera act, scene act, and the controllers, mainly and, or, and expression if you don’t know python yet.

I think if some one could devise a means for the object to use the camera’s local coordinate system rather than the planes to handle steering the player would have better controls with a delayed movements camera.

You can just use a camera actuator for that. It’s very easy to have a delayed camera. It would be much harder (and not very useful) to do what you are suggesting, imo.