Making Nebula,fog,smoke and Clouds in Blender 2.46

I need to make a outer space fly through as seen through the view panel or window of a star transporter.
I have been following the Nebula pdf tutorial on making Nebula however it is for a younger version of Blender 2.32 and the particle system is entirely different with quite unrelated entries.

I understand the hair particle system but cannot get anything happening with the Emitter and Reactor switches, neither of which relate to the above tutorial.

Is there a smoke,fog, nebula, star cluster, or similar tutorial using current Blender controls.
thanks in advance.

Also would like to know this.

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I am not in deep with particle system. Also I dont know if you’re looking for a static fog, smoke, etc.or animated… You may try for tha static version application of a cloud-based texture (apply a texture, then F6 gives you texture properties, then select TYPE = clouds and experiment a bit). This should work in all versions , at least since 2.01, I guess. Should you need animated smoke, for example, you’d need to animate the surface - subdivide several times, then move up-down or left-right randomly selected groups of those small faces that you have created by subdivision. Again - needs to experiment :wink:

there are scripts now, to do all of this.
you do need a little tweaking.
I am not going to link them here.
but you could try my wiki link.
not all scripts are listed so Google:
Blender with
Astro. (japanese & brilliant btw.)
Galaxy generator,
Nebula Generator,
Julia Fractals,
Cloud Generator.
None of these scripts use particles at all,
so you could combine lots of variations & use some of your own particles for variation.

For smaller stuff i avoid particles.

I use 3 spheres from out to in.
1 Sphere with a procedural material containing nebula and basic stars (noise with clouds)
1 Sphere with a procedural material containing the galaxies (noise with clouds)
1 Spehere with duplivert lights for slight fake GI

I simply control the nebula color and amount over the colorramps and the density over a black cloud layer i blend over.

A sampleshot

>A sampleanimation (1.5MiB DivX)<