Making new game, need help with multiplayer

I am creating a simple game similar to the popular io game Pikes! I got the player, and realized it’s not fun without other people. So I wanted to make this a multiplayer game. Any suggestions on how?

only a handfull of people know how. How good are you with python?

if the answer is great or better then look into the resource section of this forum you will find a few multiplayer scripts.

What game engine are you using? i suggest you pick up unreal or unity, in which case i’d assume you’ll find a lot of documentation online

If your using any version less then Blender 2.8, then I’d suggest this BGE add-on.
There really isn’t any video tutorial for it sadly, but it does come with some demo blend files to help you get started.

Thanks, but how do I use it?

There’s an addon you can use.

As I said, there really isn’t any tutorials out there, mainly because people aren’t aware of it.
I’ll try my best to explain the basic needed set-up.

  1. Download & install the add-on like any other Blender add-on (remember, this add-on was not created for Blender 2.8+ versions)

  2. Make 2 blend files. 1 for the server & 1 for the client (if done correctly, we can use as many of the client blend files as real networking clients for the multiplayer)

The rest of the set-up involves setting-up the server & clients entities.
Again, I highly suggest you take a look at the demo blend files & the documentation that comes with them.