Making objects following eliptic curves

Hi. I’m trying to make an animation of our solar system. I’ve road this question before in the thread:

The problem is that i want the planets to follow eliptic orbits around the sun (not circles!). I got the following answer to my question:
“Add Bezier Circle; add planet; select planet, select Circle, ctrl pkey (follow path); F9, press 3D button and select PathLen”
Well I’ve tried that, and it sort of worked. The planet is following the circle perfectly. But when I stretch the circle, so it becomes eliptic, the planet isn’t following the curve perfectly anymore. Whatever i change the circle to, the planet wont follow the path exactly at all :(.

Im not left with these two questions:
How can I make the planet follow the eliptic curve (the litghtly twisted bezier circle) all the way around?
How can make the orbit of the planet continuealy, so that the planet doesn’t stop orbiting the sun after it has completed the PathLen? For example if i set the PathLen to 100, i want the planet to be the same spot at frame 101, as if it was frame 1. So i can animate more than just 1 orbit of the planet…

Thank you all very much if you can answer my questions :slight_smile:

make the curve the eliptic BEFORE parenting the planet to it.
see also Speed curve and start/end settings in

Thank you. I got the hang on how to make the planet follow the eliptic curves now.

I still not understand how I can make the planets follow the curves more than one orbit. In your link they aren’t doing it the same way as I am. I guess they are doing it in a more complex way, where you can ajust more things. But what I’m doing is rather simple, and I shouldn’t be having to use IPO and stuff like that. Simple parenting should be enough, shouldn’t it?
So can you tell me exactly which bottuns I have to press,to extend the amount of orbits my planets make (as standard, they take 1 orbit/the full curve around, and thats it)?

Im sorry if I’m hard to help, but I really apreciate the help i get :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help :). I’ve posted a render of the solar system here:

No, it goes around once unless you tell the speed curve to extend linearly. Yes, you need to mess the IPO curve for the path. It is real simple though, just set the curve to Extend Mode linear and they will spin around forever.