Making objects move in X - Y and rotate by an empty

Hi All,

i would like to know how i can aprouce an idea i have. I use 3 d to make renders of my graphic designs. I have these PSD files with mockups of presentation objects like business cards. Know i have my own scene but i want to make a couple different ones. I know its possible to shift textures and ie displacement by using an empty. I would like to know if can move ie a stack of business cards in a stack slightly on the X, Y and zrotation by moving a empty. Do i need to make use of a driver or something than?

I attached a preview of PSD mockup file which i want to recreate in 3d


is your stack of cards one object or is each individual card an object?

Well i tried all kinds of stuff now. First tried one object with a array and than with offset which is moved by a empty. this didnt really worked out. I than added a constraint to the object and applied the array modifier. Now all object had this modifier, actually 2, which are influenced by the empty. I set the influence of all manually to different settings. This was pretty tedious but it works.

I also tried adding drivers and than noise or something like that. But im not very formiliar with yet. I did get it to work but they all followed the same noise pattern :frowning:

This is what i have now


Businesscard_55x85.blend (190 KB)

Import image as a plane using addon, add Array modifier using Constant and Object offset combination; use Empty as an object to control Array. You would need to only keyframe manipulate Empty in order to do animation or several static shots.

Textures can be manipulated using UVProject modifier, have you tried that?

I now that i can make it move and so, i attached a file which already has that. The basic setup is in layer 2, this one has the modifier and acts like your example. I would like to have the effect of the image i posted, like the stack with slighty shifted cards randomly in x, y and z rotation.

I updated my file and sort have the effect but this is done manually by adjusting the influence of a couple contraints. I thought perhaps this can be done by using drivers or so. But im not formiliar with that. I know you can let something shake with a noise modifier, but makeing multiple objects move randomly???


Businesscard_55x85.blend (281 KB)

this is what i have know with the current setup


Randomness in Array mod was discussed (read - rejected?) several times however blender build with AMA (Advanced Modifier Array) by Fabio Russo with adjustable (including Random var) shifts and rotations is ready for tests -

I mean one can Alt-D duplicate original Object, move or scale such copied data block. Probably it would not take a century to put up some python lines to manipulate positions. Why can’t this be available in out-of-the-box version? As if that was something unique in Universe and not used in CGI.

Meanwhile AMA does this

I think i saw a post about this, but i didnt new it was actually build.

So doing this by drivers is impossible? It can be done to one object but can it be done to multiple objects as well?

I do find it weird that such thing doesnt really exist! I mean CG is all about faking the real deal, in the real world its all about randomness and also symmetry. How dow other people handle this