making objects move towards the cursor.

I’m making a bowling game, and i have made a cursor, and now i need to make the bowling ball be pulled towards the cursor when it is being clicked, but not instantly, and only over the x-axis, to control the balls spin. How would i do this? Does that require python? If so, could someone write the script for me? I’m studying python, but i’m nowhere close to writing this. Thanks.

anbody, please? Can someone just give me an idea of how i would do this in a script?

there is a thread about this already, prob why no-one posts, i think it’s called “custom cursor script” or something like that…

I havent done anything like that yet, but perhaps a tracking constraint to keep it on the x axis then?

You can read in the WIKI more about using tracking and constraints. I dont know if it would work with the mouse button options, never really looked at it before.

Just some thoughts.

no, i have the cursor, now i need the ball to be pulled towards the cursor, i tried just tracking the ball to it, but that doesn’t work. I’ll look at the wiki. Thanks.

ummm, track to just makes things face a certain direction…

give your ball a motion brick, then add force,dlocate or vlin, to the y+ axis when you want the ball to move

yeah, tracking is not what i want. But i need the ball to move towards the mouse.

can we possibly get a screenshot with lables for things such as the direction the ball is to be moved?

I would just use tracking and have the object always moving forwards, that way it will turn the direction of the cursor and then move towards it.

ok, heres an idea, when you say move toward the mouse, you mean the location that the cursor is above right?
what if you added an empty and parented it to the custom cursor you made, leaving it directly behind the cursor, but farther away, all the way down the lane! Then you have to find a way to move the ball toward the empty, but at least that’s something to start with…