Making of an High Security Data Center

Hi dear Blender Users

This is my very first posting. I want to share my first full rendered animation ralized using the cycles renderer in blender. I used version 2.69. Till this project I only made non moving renderings without any problem.

The issue here now is the noise/fire flies coming up when the data room is closed which broke down all my effort. It was very very hard to find a explanation to the customer. The lighting switches there from “world lighting” to - and I think here is the BIG mistake I made - a kind of fake lights useing a “emission” material placed on the face which represents the flourescence lights. I had to reduce the samples during the rendering for the more than 10100 frames (25 fps) to stay in a reasonable render time.

I’m sure there is a much better way to realize it.

And here is the animation:

Thank you all for watching. I will be deeply grateful for every comment.

Greetings from Ankara/Turkey

Kemal Yıldırım

I am no expert in high security centers, but it looks great to me. Wish I knew how to make a video like yours. Very good job.