Making of Android Robot - Material color not uniform

I am working on creating the Android robot. As you can see in the image below, one of its legs has white patches all around even though I’ve used the same green color that I’ve used for all other parts ( trunk, head, other leg ) of its body. Except this leg all other parts are rendering in the right color.

FYI, I’ve appended the hands and legs of the robot from another .blend file.

Can someone point out what is that I am missing? I’ve attached the blend file Android_Robot.blend (607 KB) for your reference.

You have two objects in the same location (Cube.002 and Cube.003), one with a green material and one without so the render is fighting which object to show in front of the other. Delete one of them.

If you want to move just the one leg to show the other, turn off proportional edition first or you’ll move both objects together making it look just like you have one object

@Richard Marklew,
Nice catch! And thanks a lot, I couldn’t find the duplicate since it was exactly overlapping on the other.