Making of Franky article now online.

(orange) #1

Just to let you know Paradox’s “Making of Franky” article has been posted on the On the Haunt website: (keep this link handy, cause the ones aren’t permanent :wink: <---- directly to the article

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

(theeth) #2

kudos to Paradox, that’s a great article!


(paradox) #3

Thanks Theeth, I hope it is of use to someone. Special thanks to Orange for hosting the article, hosting the contest and especially for setting up my article so nicely with links and comments under the picture.

(sten) #4

hey jim :slight_smile:

great work :smiley:

(dreamsgate) #5

I really enjoyed your article, it always fascinates me to get a peek into someone else’s creative method. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

(paradox) #6

Hi Stonzy, thanks.

Dreamsgate, You welcome, The main reason I wrote the article was to one show how I went about it because I too like to see how people go about creating something. I also wanted to share some of the texture methods I used as they are recently discovered by me from others and I found then very useful.