making of Monster Inc.

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Hi all,

just thought id mention ,that on thursday(Halloween) on Tech TVs “Tech of”,there showing the making of
“Monsters Inc.” by Pixar.

(dont forget to check your time zone, its there…to the right)


(snowy_duck) #2

finnaly i find someone else who likes techtv too! esspecialy TSS.

(joecool) #3

oh wow! I wish I could watch that :frowning:
The Screensavers is my favorite show, but I can only watch it if I am at my grandparents’ house. :frowning: I don’t have that channel. :frowning: It’s my favorite show because that’s where I found out about blender!

(Fort Max) #4

I wonder if the show will be anything like the features on the DVD.

The thing though, with ALL special features any DVD (for a 3d movie) is that when they say ‘making of’ it’s really just somebody going around talking to the director and actors with only about 2 seconds of actual talk of 3d. That really ticks me off, but I don’t want to start ranting.

Seeing as how I do get that channel I will watch it anyways, all the while handing out candy to strangely dressed children or immature tennagers that you know are way too old to be trick or treating but you have to give them candy anyway because… arggghhh I’m ranting again

(valarking) #5

hey man, they’re losers, leave it at that. i’m 13 and im not trick or treating this year, im taking my 2 year old sister. i get her candy. hehehe.