"making of"

Hello Blender-enthusiasts,

I worked nearly more than a year on my graduationshort wich I did completely in Blender named “Sally”.
In the next weeks I will go into detail on that in another thread…

This Thread I want to use for animation Tests I did for the film, to showcase the different things I tried to workout.
From time to time I will upload more tests in here…

Today I’ll begin with two videos:
One shows a run cycle of a character in the short.
The second one is a car I made for this film. (If you don’t like hip hop beats turn of the sound)

But what those two got in common you can discover on my youtube channel when the trailer comes out.
So if you want to be up to date just subscribe. Thank you guys!

Here are most of the Turntables of the main Characters of my Shortfilm Sally. The Trailer will come the next weeks. Thanks for watching!

Hello Blendercomrades,

here we go! The video underneath is a progress reel of a scene in my short. Technically it’s a first look on the final outcome of this project if you will.

You will see all stages like Animatic, Layout, animation and finally the finished look of the specific scene.

Looks good!

@ThatRandomBlend Thanks!

@Mods I’m not shure but maybe this Thread needs to be moved in WIP section…thanks

Hi Guys!

In the next posts I want to give an inside to the layout process.

Today I will start with the final selection of Heads. I draw about 3 Month, everyday only the Heads of the characters until my professor gave green light for the Designs. Before you even think of modeling the sketches need to be good.

Wow! It is a wonderfull work. I like the character design and the animation. Congratulations!

@Madrid82 Thanks man! That’s very encouraging!

Today heres a further car design for my shortfilm ‘Sally’…

I like it.

Thanks Marc!

For those who are interested,
I released a music video to this film: