Making Paint Splashes or brush strokes

I have a logo that I’m working on and I need to be able to create something that looks like a thick “line” made from a swipe of a paint brush. I can’t figure out how to do this. Any ideas?

seems like you could just make a big glop of something, subsurf it, and then add a shiny material… and then make little splats of the object around it. There might be a way to do it through the water affect thing…

That is sort of what I was trying at first but I need it to “reveal” in the animation just like it was being painted by an invisible brush. I tried something with a plane emitting meta balls as particles but that one about gave my machine a stroke. There’s got to be a way.

Have you tried displacement maps? I don’t know how effective that would be but sounds good. Create the logo in a paint app and make a bump/displacement gray scale layer. Animate the painting process by using an alpha chanel. Adding a hairy brush over the alpha edge would hide the gradiated edge. Drops could be made with fluid sim. Just some thoughts.