making painted texture help

I’m trying to make painted textures that look really good. One problem I’ve had, is making a brick texture that can be put at any angle. I understand how to make painted textures in blender that go on a wall: you put shadows on the bottom and light shining off the top. But if I take the same texture and put it on the ground, it will look bad. Also, a wall texture doesnt look right if you look at it from the wrong angle, and normal maps don’t work. How would I paint lighting effects to my texture to fix this problem?

Actually , Blender heads often look for albedo maps. Those are diffuse map ( pictures) without shadow and highlights. This, because blender will make those highlights and shadows already.
What if you paint bricks without the higlights and shadows, and additionally paint a bumpmap. Darker parts are lower or deeper and lighter color makes the material look higher. The light, lamp or hdri will make the highlights and shadows for you and it will look from a lot of angles better than painting them.

upload your blend

There is the texture in question. Notice how flat it is, because I didn’t want to add lighting and shadows.


Is it something like this You wan’t…?

I can tell You what’s going on…Only added a Bumpmap node + light.

Nice texturepaint btw…



Cool thanks!

To get the effect…You need to make Bumpmap and specularmap…There are free program to make them…You make them from Your Texture…Important…You need to have a side light to see it.

See Picture…Node:

Copy the texture node…Add a Vector - Bump node…Change it to non color…In colorbox…Normal to Normal in Diffuse and Glossy.

Hope this help…Puff puff