Making parts of a model emit light in unity and be able to turn on/off and up/down of brightness


I am new here and new to 3D drawing, I hope I am posting in the right forum.

I have (well not yet) a model where I want parts of the model to be able to emit light on command and it must also be possible to turn up and down the brightness of that light. I have no idea how to approach this…? Do I have to make those parts as seperate objects on my model, or even export seperate models and assemble them in Unity and make them light sources in Unity? Or can I do it all in Blender some how?

Thank you

Not sure how unity handles emissive shaders so I am going to say it would be a good idea to try different ideas and see which on works the best…
Make a simple model and copy it a few times add the separate parts one with emissive shader and another to add lights in unity…Light on command and slider or something to turn up brightness etc would probably be better done in Unity as to get that effect in blender would be working with the Blender Game Engine (BGE) so might as well just add the models from blender and the FX in Unity…