Making personal Skydome

I would like to create my personal skydome.
I have e.g. this scene:

I know that with a Panoramic Camera with Focal Lenght 5 mm I can obtain a 360° environment:

I know that the tecnique for mapping a sky to a semisphere is a polar coordinate map like that

Does anyone know how to convert my 360° render to a polar coordinate map???


GIMP > Filters > Distorts > Polar Coordinates (with a bunch of settings).

Hope this helps :smiley:

Do you need a sky dome specifically? You might want to check out environmental ‘cube mapping’. It works similar to a sky dome but you have a cube instead. I mention this because cube mapping is generally less expensive to render than a dome and Blender has built-in tools to generate the cube map textures from an existing scene like the one you have.