Making proxy of an armature creates a duplicated armature


I grouped everything related to my character in my original file and linked the group to my current scene. The group contains just a character mesh and a rig. When i make a proxy of the rig, it creates a duplicate of the rig and the original group remains untouched.
Someone had the same problem in Blendernewbies:

Kinda hard to explain, sorry for my english! :smiley:


mm, i have no idea about what u want to achieve, but, well, i have used the proxys only when i link a rig and a character in another scene. i work next way: i build a rig in a separate scene. then, i link the rig to the scene where i want to animate, and create the proxy. so, i canโ€™t modify the mesh and neither the rig. i only could animate it. also, you have to know the behaviour of the protected layers

Iโ€™ll try that