making rain !! ?

just wanted to make rain in the scene , please help … .

Particles is the only way to go, unless you’re really good with the water simulation. Particles with motion blur. I would think compositing would be best since the scene is already rendered.

Water simulation can’t be used for rain unless it’s something like a slow motion closeup. Just use particles.

Here is a quick blend i made just for you, it shows how you can do rain with particles.
You can change the number of particles to make the storm thicker or thinner, cgange the AccX, or AccY to give it wind, you might have to changethe material settings, but this would look great with defocus, and you change the shape of the raindrop on layer 2, to make snow, or hale or something.
Hope it helps :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


rain_test.blend (229 KB)

thanks guys !!! .