Making realistic planar fake reflections...

Hi. As far I understand, BCPEM (box projected environment mapping) concerns reflections on spheres and irregular objects. It needs 6 textures or 1 cubeMap environment texture (with 6 “plotted” textures) because you have to get the reflections in front of the object, rear, left, right, bottom, top. For planar reflections, you only need 1 texture. If you’ve got an horizontal plane, you only have to get the texture from the top view (~). So cubeMaps have nothing to do with planar reflections.

About cubeMaps, you already had multiples tutorials and answers from HG1 (For example, he already said to you that you can use his realtime cubeMap with nodes technique with sensor always in non-pulse mode to capture the 6 textures only one time and then have a non realtime cubeMap)…

Actually, the floor in the BPCEM example made by martinsh uses also this type of cubemap. Cubemaps work fine on planar surfaces too. What I am now looking for is a way to implement it in a game.

I think we can’t talk about cubeMap. It’s a planar environment map texture (EDIT:I’m wrong):


I never tested it and I don’t know if Martinsh made his envMap texture like this… To be tested.

EDIT: A cubeMap texture looks like this:

With the “plane” option, I get this:

I think you can directly apply this last “environment map” texture on a plane as an image (for mapping, play with UV mapping in UV image editor) (EDIT:I’m tired… Don’t listen to me)

EDIT2: Ah no, you’re right. It seems he (Martinsh) uses cubeMaps textures for planes. But I don’t understand. Too advanced for me. I don’t know how he map it in his script.