Making Realistic Textures For Vehicles

Hey guys, my question is, how do people texture an vehicles realistically? Do they use images of the actual airplane and adjust it to fit the UV Maps? Or do they just paint over the UV maps? My guess is for real vehicles, you would take photos and adjust things such as the size and skew to fit the UV maps. Then for custom vehicles, you would paint things like panel lines, bolts, and other things and use photos of other things to make it look the way you want. What would you suggest?

Find a good resource with a lot of grunge and scratch maps. The realism from anything comes from the imperfections. From there, it’s just using observation to know when and where to use such things. Places with wear will have faded paint, scratches, scuffs, etc. and places like wheelwells, intakes, exhaust, windshields will have lots of grunge.

i found this link

Yeah, i know you overlay grunges over the base texture. I just wonder how people get those textures on like airplanes where you see like metal panels and nails and such. XD

I think I’ve seen that before, but I’m trying to texture an airplane so I’m wondering about things such as projecting images, but that helps me with things such as painting ideas tho.

I once tried a repeating panel texture as a nor effect, it looked like lots of rivets over the body made from many small panels. But I just cube mapped it. An unwrap would have looked better.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen your work before. It looked alright to me anyways haha.