Making Realtime Font maps.

Hi all!
I am trying to add text to my game, but I can’t find any bitmaps to down load. Is there a simple way of making them myself?
I think there was a program named FTBlender or something, I tried that awhile back, but couldn’t get it to work:no:.
Thanks in advance!

Ah! Thank you! I will give that a whirl.

No luck :frowning: .
Can’t even get FTBlender to download. Any other suggestions?

You can’t download it? I could upload the file on another file hosting website.(ie: Megaupload.)

great topic and imona give it a shot and see if i can create my own texts too…
Thanks for the reference Deberube4

Hi Deberube4,
i just watched the utube video and didnt understand why he went through all those steps just to hide the text black background,he just needs to clip alpha and set the Z-transparency to 0 so ull only see the text…and he doesnt need to have a panel as a background just to blend in the bg color…:confused:

I know. I posted a comment on the video about that.

By searching again, I found this video (by the same user) :

ah ok ,sorry then hehe didnt look at all posts :>D

Still not working :(. I have tried every thing, no little window pops up.

Ask someone to do it for you.

Is there a place were you can find these textures?