Making Rigged Character Swing a Sword

Ok Got my animations, got my physics, got my collisons. only 2 more things on the check list. 1 getting the player to attack
2 learning AI

But Id like to deal with getting the player to attack for now.

Ive got animiaton of the player swinging his arm as if swinging a sword. Thats alright, but hes not holding a sword. So I tried adding a sword i made then parenting it to the armature, didnt work, tried parnenting it to the mesh, didnt work, tried joining it to the mesh. nothing.

So anyone else know how to do it? ive seen it done before, this guy uploaded a file of a rigged kirby holding a sword and swinging it around with the GE, but i couldnt mimic it on my own.

So please can anyone tell me how to get a rigged character to swing a sword, or have interactions with any other seperate meshes?


select the armatures and go into pose mode. Then right click on the sword and select it then hold down shift and right click on the bone ( probably right or left forarm) you want it to be attached to. Then just do the standard CTRL-P paranting method. This should work… if not, your doing somthing wrong.

oh wow so thats how its done. thanks! now i can go to bed in peace. Now i feel bad for starting a whole thread for such a simple resolution.

thanks again.