Making Scenes

Alrighty, I’ve been looking but I don’t quite see a tutorial or something about how you can make a simple scene. Unless I missed it while looking or something. Anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction of where I can find a tutorial to make a scene, that would be a great help.

A scene can be what ever you want it to be …throw in a couple cubes add a sphere & a background, play with the lighting a little & you’ve got a scene.

There are lots of tuts out there for things you can put in one, after that its up to you & your imagination :wink:

Every tutorial includes a scene by definition. A camera, a light and an object is a scene. Is that what you mean? Not too sure what you are saying. Are you referring to animation?

Well, what I meant was, creating something like a regular room type scene for an animation. i’m making a short film with using just one room or scene, or whatever. And, I was trying to figure out how to make walls an windows an such, like you would with making a regular building. I hope that clears something up.

It depends on what your level of modeling experience is at.

If you are new at modeling and animation then I suggest you look at some basic tutorials such as

Well, I guess your right. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am pretty new at this, so I guess I could start with that, lol. Thanks for the link. I’ll work on doing that before I can get anything more detailed. Thanks for the reply.


Start here

look under “getting started”

Have you read the manual? It’s full of great information, including several tutorials.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll be sure to check into the links you guys provided, anymore help is also appreciated. I’m already getting to work, when I get the time. ^_^.