making scrolling credits in vse?

Hello, all! I would like to make some scrolling credits for the end of a movie in blender’s vse. I figure I can do this by importing a tall image with all the credits on it and slowly scrolling down, but whenever I add an image, blender squashes the dimensions to fit the video dimensions. How can I make the image actual size, and how can I animate it to scroll down?

One way: set up a scene with the credits image on a plane and pan down it (or move the image up) to create a separate clip.

Ignore… jonim8or below has the right answer.

Save complete credits as one image ,with the width of your final movie (e.g. 1920px)
Add image in VSE
In properties (N) panel in the VSE, check the Image Offset option under Strip Input
on first frame of the credits, set the Y value to -1080 and press I to add keyframe.
on last frame of the credits, increase Y value so the last credit is out of view again, and press I to add keyframe