Making Self 3D face

Dear Friends,
Kindly guide me for making self 3D face from scratch in blender . I have followed some tutorials how ever after trying these I think those are very tough

edit:1 if possible cartoonish face
Edit2:any tutorial, tips will be really helpfull

I don’t think that anyone can easily describe you what to do. Thats something you have to learn by time. Learn how to model a head, then how to stylize that head. How to model cartoon face. Prepare a good references of your face front, side and 45° degree shots. I dont know if you are a beginner or higher level modeler but dont expect to model a perfect self cartoon portrait without modeling a hundred heads for practice. I would recomend to:

  • Learn topology and how to model head
  • learn how to sculpt head (may be a better workflow for you and retopology after)
  • learn differences between realism and cartoon stylized
  • learn how to use references

You will find plenty of tutorials for any of this.

Thanks Fowl .
I am a very beginner, I have followed some tutorial for model head , but after some failed attempt I think i am following some expert level tutorial thats why I am asking for any tips or entry level tutorial for the same


I think it’s very hard to give any advice because your question is too broad, but you should begin with low-poly modeling (head and body), just type “low-poly modeling blender” in youtube