making sewing machine effect

Hello Everybody. I would like make an animation with a sewing machine effect. Sewing the contour of a text with a broken pattern of thread. I have already tried with dinamic paint, particle but i can not solve how to make appear the threads one by one in a right direction. Thank you for help in advance.

Hope this helps…

Thank you for your help, but it means if i want a realistic result and make appear the treads one by one i need make a lots of curve with just one threads-nightmare…Must be a solution which allows to make a step by step pattern only with one curve per character.

Can you explain a little how it works with s many curves!

try to check this old one
might get a better way

You could use the ShrinkWrap modifier to lay the curve on the boot mesh, then have the zipper follow the curve.

use hook

happy bl

What kind of effect do you have in mind? Because when you watch sewing machine embroider, every ting is in blur. You cant see stitching or let alone threads being put down! Here is video of embroider at work: look around 8:50.