Making Shield?

(Ecks) #1

Ok I knwo there is a tut on making shield like in startrek etc…
But me I want to make a shield like in the movie Independence Day.
You know when they attack first time with alot of airplane and they fire all their missile but the missile stop at the shield. I want to make that (but with laser). Can somebody help me with that? Thank you!

(harkyman) #2

So is this what you want: a shield that is invisible unless struck, at which time you see the shield local to the strike point?

If so, you can use this technique:

  1. Make a full mesh of the entire shield. Place it on a separate, unused layer.
  2. Determine your strike points. For each strike point, do the following.
    2a. Create a duplicate of the shield mesh.
    2b. Enter edit mode.
    2c. Select the area of the shield that will be hit.
    2d. Swap your selection.
    2e. Delete all non-strike-area vertices.
  3. Now you make your animated shield material (I would suggest a couple of layered marble textures animated along the Shift Z control)
  4. Apply this material to each of your strike point meshes, creating a single user material each time (click on the little number immediately to the right of the material name).
  5. For each one, animate the alpha of the material to go from completely transparent to opaque and back, appropriate to the timing of the strike.

Hope this is what you were looking for!
5. Animate the alpha of each