Making some progress :D


I’m kind of new to blender and I’ve been in and out practicing modelling. Most of my work has been low poly game models.

Recently I decided to sit myself down and start some real work. This is my first high poly model

C&C welcome :slight_smile:


Hey, looks good. Nice and smooth. High Vert count. Any Wireframe shots?

Plan on scaling it?

That’s a cool looking (dragon? dinosaur?)
The eye looks a little wierd, but its hard to tell from this far away. Maybe a close up on that section?

I want to recommend the edge sharpening tool for some of your subsurfed edges (Shift+E). It’ll really help that horn/head mantle section look more menacing and sharp, especially the crease where it meets the head looks too smooth. If you want even more detail along that crease you could even extrude out the head around it slightly and scale it in so it looks like its really something protruding from the skeleton.

Anyways that’s just my two cents. Really cool looking model so far!

Thanks CTP. Yes, at this point its not really clear what it is. I would like to say dragon, but it doesnt seen to differ much from a dinosaur does it?

I will definately try to use your advice. I like to use any opportunity to expand my blending knowlege. Unfortunately this was done on my school computer, so I wont be able to update it until the weekend is over :frowning:

Thanks. Yes it is a high vert count, but i wont be able to say how much exactly until i go to school on Monday :confused:

Sorry I forgot about adding a wireframe shot. Ill do it when I get to school.

Im using the schools computers primarily because my home computer is amazingly slow and blender locks up if I use too many polys. However, my brother is a computer wiz and says he will build me a kicka$$ computer once i can scrape together enough money. Im hoping to get it before Christmas

Thanks for the Crits. ill update as soon as possible :slight_smile: