Making Space movie

How do i join two meshes or more to gether and how do i make the textures the engine glow and the weapons fire[/b]

Shift select two meshs and press Ctrl + J to join them.

Textures can’t glow, but by making them “Add” in the face paint buttons when the faces are selected in face select mode (F) then white on the texture appears as solid, and black as invisible layering these on top of each other give a glowish effect.

Also, if you want a plane to look like a light, apply react to “Light” on all other faces, and people will realise if this doesn’t react to the scenes light, then obviously it creates it’s own.


thanks for the help but one thing do they have to be near each other and will that be in edit mode or out of it

can some one give me tips for the weapons and how to make them fire

and how to animate a hyperspace jump like from stargate startrek or babylon 5 this would help, how to export the movie to avi or mpeg

Or you can gime some tips on other thing

for your weapons, if your making a game then you need to create a projectile on another layer. Next create an empty on the same layer as your and place by the guns. Parent it to the ship with control + P. Then add these logic bricks to the empty . Keyboard sensor (button you wish to be the fire button)>>>add>>>add object actuator and put in the name of your projectile on the other layer and some LinV to make the projectile fire forwards when th button is pressed. If your not making a game just create your projectile on the same layer “hide” it in your ship then use ipos to simulate a firing action. As for a warp thing in the blender manual there’s a tutorial on how to use lattice deformations to create a warp effect.