Making Spider webs?

just curious, but how would be the best way of making a spider web?

first, morph yourself into a spider. then find a nice tree next to a lamppost…

I would say to start with a…hexagon? a bezier circle with short handles, then duplicate it and scale it outward. Repeat a dozen times. add…6?..more bezier curves to be the support threads. Give the curves a verrrrrry tiny size, and a verrrrrry silky material. Using the curves would allow you to do shape keys for it blowing in the wind. Parent it all together.

Or the quick cheat - Get a picture of a spider-web and map it to a plane with lots of transparency! You can blow it in the wind with soft-bodies then!

Open blender and delete the default cube. In front view, add a plane and delete the bottom two vertices. Select the remaining two vertices. Under the mesh tools panel in the edit buttons, change the turns value to 10 and hit the screw button. Remove doubles, delete the stray vertices at the the center of the web, and fill in the remainder of the center to get what’s in the attached picture. Just give it a wire frame material and voila.


You can apply softbodies to the curves and use a Wind field.