making stand alone exe files?

so if I have a game, and i want people without blender to be able to play it, is there a way i can put everything necessary in one file?

I just did this in blender 2.37

  1. Pack the data, save , reload and save again (to be througho)
  2. Save runtime file, makes a exe
  3. include sdl.dll and python23.dll
  4. share with ppl.

Hope this helps I just did this so for a example check here

I think what he wants is something that doesn’t need the .dll files in the same folder.

If you use publisher 2.25 and follow the same instructions as given by Darkelf, you should come out with a standalone that will manifest itself only as “one” icon (without the need for the .dll files to be in the same folder).

I needed this too thankyou for the info