Making stitch marks as hesightmap

hi, i was trying to make stitch marks around a simple flower shape i painted on a surface, since the shape is just a mask it has no uv distinction so i was looking for a way to repeat a brush pattern along a path(mask) does anyone know any method to repeat the height map brush around a mask which rotates the brush according to the shape? i have photoshop and substance painter too if necessary. thanks in advance :grinning:

if you already have substance painter, i would suggest that you use the “stitch brush” which is already in the substance painter, and there you can easily put that in height map or normal map, however you want.

in blender if you want to do that: the most efficient way is making highpoly objects and then bake normal/height maps with cage option. its tedious and time taking.
substance painter will get this result quicker and easier.

Note: Brushes in substance have the option “follow path”, and while using stitch brush the brush path will be followed and will make stitches along the way.

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