Making Stone pillars and walls?

What’s the best way to make stone pillars and walls? I wanna start a project (its an awesome idea for bwc, though I’m not that good haha) and need to know. Thanks :smiley:

there is a script that makes stone walls in wiki list of script

but also depens what quantity you need cause that takes a lot of vertices!

you also have for brick the textures nodes that can be use to do nice bricks!

for other type of larger stones that up to you to model what you need one by one i guess!

or you could use mapping if you have picture of wall you want to do !

hope it helps

Where’s the wiki of scripts? lol never even heard of it before.

I want to make something like this:

and for scripts


hope it helps

Thanks a lot, will check them out.

Also, using image textures (like in your other question in this forum) would probably cover a lot of your requirements with no modeling necessary.