making sturdy optical fiber figurine?

I had the idea of making a figurine from optical fibers and control the colors with an Arduino.
Before getting into the technical part, what can I use to make the optical fibers sturdy? I’m thinking of putting them inside some kind of tube and/or covering them inside some kind of hardening translucent material. I’m sure someone can think of a better idea.


Apart of some transparent epoxy resin, I can’t think of another way to harden that fiber. That said, this sounds like a groovy project, and I’d like to see it once it’s finished.

How hard do some epoxies get? The ones I’ve tried were kind of squishy when hardened. Also what do you think would be a good way to apply epoxy to a soft fiber and make it keep the shape you want while it hardens?

I couldn’t say. It’s been a long time since I handled epoxies, but the ones I used (two-component epo, applied onto a fiberglass cloth) were rigid enough for flying plane models.

I will test that.

Another suggestion I just heard which sounds promising. Using acrylic tubes which can bend when heated to the form you need.

I still can’t find info how much they can be bent and how thin they can be and still be bendable. I want build a small figurine, not get into the thicker neon tube zone.