Making Sugar look realistic on cookie

So I thought I’d try to model this cookie, but I can’t seem to get the sugar to look right!
Any ideas? I’ve messed with the transmission and roughness, but I just can’t get it to look like this. The sugar particle is an elongated cube.


Take a look towards the end of this tutorial - they look pretty decent

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Thank you! I’ll take a look.

I love those things! Nice job on the model!

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Thank you @rgarber

Here is an updated version. I turned off the ability for the sugar particles to cast shadows. I think it helped, but it’s not totally there yet…


You’re very close! I think your current particle size may be too big. I recommend creating a few ‘sugar clumps’ of more than one grain stuck together, a few single grains and after making a few variations, then creating a collection of several of those. Use that collection as a particle system with random distribution. I think the material should be a glass shader with roughness somewhere around 50%

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

My pleasure - really curious to see how it goes! Let me know!

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finest detail on sugR, thinh film/iridescence, bit aniso roughness & dispersion

Hello !
First I must tell you my admiration for your work, it looks amazing.
Now about the sugar haha. I google sugar grains and I think you will never get a similar texture if you use a cube since the real grains are more like irregular diamonds with various faces. That surely makes the light go through them differently than if they were cubes. I hope my observation is of some use to you. Greetings !

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Wow, it’s an honor to hear such high praise! And shape comment is a great point!!

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I know it sounds strange, but have you made sure your sugar particles actually have a pure white material colour? Some people assume that when the default material is created it is white, but it isn’t. If you forget this and don’t change it then it will have a huge effect on transmissive or translucent materials.

In addition fiddling with the transmission roughness values helps.

You’re definitely getting closer. Food materials are one of the tricky things to make in 3D.

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You earned the “edible” badge :slight_smile: