Making super-shiny glass?

I’m making a game set in a case of thick glass set in space, and I can’t seem to get the material to be quite shiny enough. For lights, all I have now is a sun and a hemi. What can I do to make the glass look clear and shiny? Since I plan to make multiple environments, with the potential for their own lighting schemes, can I make it so the glass stands out so long as the area is well-lit, without interfering with the environment’s own lighting?

I’ve attached a snapshot of my editor, with most of the pertinent information. The transparency of the material is 0.1, if that matters.


If your looking for light management. You could add a lamp(s) (spec only, diffuse disabled) parented to your character, you could then put these lamps into a group. On your glass material in options set this group as the light group and make exclusive. Be sure to add a nice spec map to your glass material and this should give you a really nice effect where the specularity changes based on the character orientation. Be sure the glasses textures are definitive, otherwise this won’t work. I’m not sure if that was what you are after but it’s my best guess.
A python wiz is probably going to follow this up with a method which is going to amaze both you and me presenting a much more optimized way.

For improved shiny look I recommend faking reflections with “reflection” texture mapping if you aren’t already.

I found an example of what I want to do, but recreating it is proving difficult. I know that a camera situated in the glass-like object, tracking to the active camera, and the view from that is used as a texture; but I can’t seem to get the texture to work properly. I only get bright blue. Can y’all tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve attached my test file to this post, and here is the video I used as a guide:

UPDATE: I’ve figured out the problem. I wasn’t using 3D tracking, but that brings up a new problem. How can I make the void space, which is the bright blue, transparent?


refraction.blend (553 KB)