Making TAME, neighborhood construction. I'm going for it... Any advice?

Long time now, seven years, I’ve thought of an animation. Takes place in a small, older American suburban neighborhood with split levels. I want to worry greatly about LOD Level of Detail before I even begin.

The majority of focus will center on backyards but you know, it’s the little spaces between houses you can see in real life that give purchase to the feel and flavor of the neighborhood: saplings, mailboxes, fire hydrants, sidewalks and driveways and the lay of house foundations. Thankfully, horizons are usually obscured by old growth trees from earlier decades when farm properties were divided so.

So I’m aiming for some sense of scale but there is a question lurking here! Has anyone been through this and have best advice for not getting tied down in the weeds or advice for keeping the mesh flexible for future changes (like oops, I need bigger backyards)? I’d hate to paint myself in a corner when maybe there’s some experience I can draw on! Thanks and I hope this thread becomes interesting!
Scale (in properties menu):

Some actual neighborhood layout I’m borrowing heavily from:

Just my two cents…
If you are aiming for an animation i would do a simple blockout and try get some interesting views. Then try to get an animation path you want to wander on and make viewing changes (not movie cuts; just where to look at). If this seems to be arkward then maybe change path, viewangle or even position/size of the blockout… maybe even make it a tiny bit more detailed… then the go for the modeling, textureing…

Or in short:

  • location finding
  • story board
  • pre-vis
  • final

(Funny thing the more work this points will make the less characters are used :rofl: )


Hey there,

As for the camera movement, I would do a screw-like spin up. Glass blades, a pavement, “frog perspective”. Then the camera turns to a door, but also zooms out, still turns, then it captures an alley, and finally the street all along, then rises up above the roofs maybe.

Anyways, if you want to find good angles, seriously, just take a walk, imagine you are the camera.

Just watch out for not lurking around other peoples driveways lol.
Always be the friendly neighbourhood Blender Man :smile: