Making texture appear from sketch up

I am a week into Blender. It wasn’t my choice but i’m making a film and needed work done but was unable to find anyone so here I am. Anyway, I have a sketch up model seen in the photograph and I’d like the lines on the floor to be seen when its rendered. At the moment they have imported I think as vertices and are not seen. Whats the best wau to make them visible. Also if anyone would like to look at my model and help tidy it up I’d be eternally appreciative.

sorry i mean edges. I want to make those edges visible the orange ones in the image above

I would try UV-mapping those edges and then rendering out the map to an image, and then use the image on a plane in that same location.

So far as I know, you can’t get things to render that don’t have depth.

Alternatively, perhaps you can use something like skin modifier to give the lines some bulk.

Disclaimer: I’m really new with Blender, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Give it a wire material, go to the material tab, choose between surface WIRE volume halo.
Edit: only works with the Blender Render.
Maybe this helps;

Thanks for your help. I’m using cycles render so the link you sent on is great. Thanks so much its stumped me. It is such a big learning curve using bender, especially as I have no previous 3D experience. Again, thanks.

Thanks everyone. I ended up exporting the sketch up as a JPEG and then UV mapping it onto a plane. It needs tweaking and not doing in such a rush but it worked and looks good (given my experience). Thanks

Next time you convert the edges to a curve with Alt + C, go to the object data tab and give it a bevel. (remove the wire frame shader)