Making the text object presentable?

I remember there being a few things I can do via script to up the font resolution and color? I’m reaching a point where I need text to flesh out my interface, and I’d prefer to avoid bringing a set of external scripts into the mix at this juncture.

While I’m here, what’s the status of the BGE’s text object? I’m holding out for the 2.8 union of the rendering- and game engine, where all the knobs and settings in the editor finally do something in-game. :\

increase the size of the text to increase resolution, then move it backwards to keep it to its original size.

not sure if i understood what you need

import bge
text.resolution=4 # (maybe 6 or 8, default i think its 1)
text.color=[1,1,1,1] # r,g,b,a

I usually use resolution = 8,
but higher resolutions take longer to initialize so you can save some trouble by using a lower rez object if you don’t need it.

Yup, that’s it~

Now, who do I email to figure out if I’ll be able to align text in 2.8?