Making the vehicle wrapper working


Hi all. I spend all night trying differents tutorials on “how to make a car with bullet physics and realistic driving look”, I tried to reproduce the way it works on the few demos posted here, but each time, something goes wrong.
The first time, which was the closest to succes, the wheels were lying on the ground under the car at the desired position. There were suspensions, I could play on the suspension details (since the car is dropped a bit when the game starts, it was bouncing differents ways), but the wheels didn’t seem to “roll” even on a Z axis (since they were lying on ground). I don’t understand because my wheels were mounted as indicated, far from the car and “going toward” the y axis.
Well. Some help would be appreciated :smiley:

p.s: Here is the tutorial I used for the first try:

Try following the tutorial carefully. Make sure your objects are named properly, meaning that if your car is called ‘BigCar’ then in the script it needs to use that name when needed. Otherwise the scripts will be trying to use objects that ‘dont exist’. All the above goes for your wheels and their names to.

Also, you can adjust the position of the wheels by changing x,y,z values in the script.

Ive used this tutorial a few times, works perfectly. Just be careful with minor details.

Well, I just did it again, exactly like told on the toturial. The horizontal wheels problem has been solved (error in modelling, axis were wrong). Now it looks like a car. But it doesn’t react likewise. The car won’t move at all. The objects names are exactly the same as in the tutorial, and as in the scripts. I even tried to open the .blend file of the end of the tuto, copy/paste the scripts, and it didn’t work too. I can’t understand what isn’t working.


CARnotWorking.blend (443 KB)

Okay, I found the error. The script wasn’t working because of a capital letter in the name of one sensor. :slight_smile:

Nice, glad u worked it all out. :yes:

Thank you =)