Making THICK edges

I’ve created a Ramadan (Arabic) pattern in Blender:

However, this is just vertices and edges. Is there a way to convert this into a 2D or 3D grid, like this?:

I’m looking for some way to convert it to either 2D faces or 3D meshes. Something like converting the output of the Grease Pencil tool to 3D, only without doing it freehand. I was hoping I could somehow extrude a pipe or cube along my edges and vertices…

Someone I talked with suggested I use detect edges in the render settings. However, while Blender allows one to adjust the color of the rendered edges, it won’t allow you to adjsut the width… which is what I really need.

Perhaps I could somehow convert my vertices and edges into a format that would load into either Paint.Net or GIMP? Then I could edit it there. I’d even be willing to install Wings3D and, if possible, convert to a PostScript format or something.

You could extrude and move it slightly on all 3 axes. It would create some odd angles, but if you do it right it could still be essentially the same.

The attached image is a cube, with all the faces removed, and then the edges extruded, and then the faces created extruded as a region, to give it more dimension. I alos subdivided a couple times and did a subsurf modifier, to make it slightly smoother.

If you don’t need all 3 dimensions, it’s even easier, as you don’t have to try to move it three directions at once evenly, only 2. Constrain to Xand Y by hitting SHIFT+Z, then just drag it so that the other two match, more or less.

(Also, removed vert doubles, as this method created quite a few)


If you painted that with grasepencil you could try to convert it to bezier curves then add a BevOb and then convert it all to a mesh.

Scripts->Mesh->Solid Wireframe

EDIT: Since you only have edges, you should extrude all of them upwards first to create some faces so the script will work.

Hmm. Have you tried enablign toon edges in the render panel? that might give you what you are looking for with much less stress, and you can increase the ‘rendered’ thickness of the edge using the edge settings button without otherwise altering the base mesh

theses toon edges have a widht limit
so it it is enough then fine but this is only valid for 2 D
in 3D the best way would be to reproduce it with bezier curves then apply extrude along path to get some 3D gemometry


He’s given me the impression he just needs a 2d result…

And personally I try and stay away from bezier curves, I wind up with way to many faces. I’d just e extrude the edges, right click, then scale xy by about 1.025 using ‘individual centers’. that gives me flat faces I can then extrude along the z…

in the first post he said that he would like to extrude it as a pipe!

So i guess it is with extrude along path !

hey there are more than one way to do things in blender - at least most of the time