Making Things in the View Easier?

I’ve done all the first 6 tutorials on the blender interface/basics, and now I’m trying to follow the UV Mapping basics tut - however…
When I came to try to emulate the tut authors actions with regard to the ‘User Preferences’ - I didn’t get the same little window as he got and from that point onwards my ability to save the file dissapeared along with the ‘File’ dropdown at top left.

Can anyone help with that?

Also I can’t see which edges are marked as seams and which aren’t.

I’ve got ‘seams’ ticked to be displayed - but I can’t see it.

And there’s one edge that needs to be marked and I can’t distinguish marked from unmarked - despite turning edges on and off in the display menu…

Can anyone help with this?
Is there a way to get the redness of the marked edges to display bigger, more obviously?


I’m guessing this is what your window looks like.

To get the File-Add-Render-Window toolbars back, click on the icon at upper left and select Info.

In the pic above, in order to see the User preferences, you need to place the cursor over the bottom edge of the gray band and drag it down. A much easier way to see User Preferences is to click on the icon that you use to change from 3D View to all the other windows (UV Editor, Graph Editor, Node editor, etc.) The User Preferences will appear in what was the 3D View.

Steve S

Thank you, yes that did work. Including the bit about the left hand toolbar - and it’s much easier to see there too.

Now, is there any way to get the faint redness of the seams to show up more clearly?

Rather than having to track you down and come round to your house to look what your computer monitor, would you mind showing us ? It makes it easier if you don’t keep this kind of basic info a secret.

When you load the factory settings do marked seams not show up
Show us screenshots and post a link tou your blend file that you are having trouble with.
Also supply operating system, pc spec and the blender version you are using

Sorry I didn’t post this to start with, I didn’t realise it required such in depth info - I thought someone would just say… left hand panel, 3rd section down - or something.


Blender 2.69
Windows Version:
MicroSoft Windows 7 Professional Edition
Version 2009
Service Pack 1

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
RAM: 2.40GHz 4.00 GB of RAM

Graphics Card: (/Video Card.)NVIDIA Ge Force GT 8600 graphics card.
Nvidia Driver Version No:

DirectX 11

Philips SAA713X Hybrid Capture Device

Sound Card:
Model: ASUS 82801G (ICH7) High Definition Audio
OEM Device Name: Intel 82801G (ICH7) High Definition Audio
Version: 1.00

Audio Codec:
Model: Realtek Semiconductor High Definition Audio
Version: 1.00

Creative FATAL1TY Stereo Headset with detachable Mic.

It doesn't matter whether it's the basic cube, or the one I'm trying to follow the UV Mapping tut with. The faint lines show up if nothing is selected but not when the edges are selected, so if I can get that redness big enough to see when edges are selected that'd be great.  Or even just easier to see when edges are not selected?
From your expression, I'm beginning to think it's not possible and I don't therefore think uploading my basic cube would show any difference from your basic cube.

But I'll upload a basic file if you insist.

Oh, and you can come round my house if you really want - just remember to bring a bottle.