Making things move during a game?

hi guys.

Im in the middle of making the scene for a game. i was just making the windmill for one part of it, and then i thought “hmmm… wouldnt it be cool for the player to see the sails of the windmill spinning while playing the game!?”

How would I go about making the sails turn on their own? (i.e. without the player having to go up to them and push them round)


  • Robotom. :slight_smile:

set an ipo for the windmill, so it animates forever.

hi Robotom,

If you don’t mind python, you can the 6DOF constraint with the rotational motor. They are easy to set up. You can start and stop them. Vary the speed. And it uses very little in the way of resources.

link to 6DOF constraint

There are example blends at the bottom of the page. Rotational motor. Spring angular, Spring linear and Translational motor.


You can also use a motion actuator (set to drot) and an always sensor. Lots of interesting options.

Thanks for the tutorial, cthames! I’m gonna bookmark this one.