Making this wire / curve follow my IK rig?

Maybe i put it in the wrong section because i’m not sure of the way to do this :

I have a fishing rod rigged in IK with many bones to can bend forward, i have too this shape keyed wire parented to the base of it and i would like to make the wire follow precisely the bend of the rod to make it realistic.
So the best way would be to make it follow the rod’s armature action. Is there a way to do this ?

Video illustrating how the rig of the rod and the wire looks / work if u want :

Thanks if you have any idea

You can align curve points over your bones pivot. then create in edit mode, for each curve point, a hook with CTRL H. It’ll creates an empty that you can parent to bones, so they follow them.

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Perfectly what i needed and easy to setup, thanks a lot!

you are welcome.